MA in Performance Dance at University of Chichester, UK

BA in Dance Studies at Roehampton University (First class honours), London, UK

Dance Career

After finishing MA in dance performance, worked as a freelance dancer in London and performed at various venues in the UK.

(Dance performance titles and choreographers I collaborated with are listed below.)

Currently working as a teacher / freelance dance artist in Japan.


Performance titles and various choreographers I worked with from 2010-2016 including:


  • ハルシュトラ at Session House and d倉庫 in Tokyo, Japan



  • Open State by Adam Benjamin in Tokyo, Japan
  • Reflected image by Yoko Koike for Busan International Dance Festival, South Korea
  • Hidden Fields (dance room Spectroscopy) in San Francisco
  • Zoo by Ryu Suzuki in Tokyo, Japan



  • おdollランダムニ踊る by Tomomi Kosano (Solo Performance) in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo Japan
  • Strictly Cycling by Karen Poley and Janine Fletcher (Bicycle Ballet) in Leeds, UK
  • Okuni (Kabuki Dancer) by Akiko Ono (Akiko Dance Project) at Brighton Festival, UK
  • Hidden Fields, dS (danceroom Spectroscopy) at Barbican Centre in London, UK
  • Okuni (Kabuki Dancer) by Akiko Ono (Akiko Dance Project) for Resolution! 2014, London
  • Hidden Fields by Laura Kriefman (Guerrilla Dance Project) and dS (danceroom Spectroscopy) in Germany



  • Twelve Months On by Nikki Watson (Coda Dance Company) at Sadler’s Wells Lilian Baylis Theatre, London UK
  • Soda Play (R&D) by Sally Marie (Sweetshop Revolution) in UK
  • Faraday’s Cage (Dance Film) by Anna Buonomo, film directed by Terry Braun, music composition by Lorenzo Turchi-Floris in London
  • Strictly Cycling by Karen Poley and Janine Fletcher (Bicycle Ballet) for Ride London Street Party in London
  • Dear Lido by Rosie Whitney-Fish (Rosie Whitney-Fish&Company) for Open East Festival at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London
  • In-finite by Joumana Mourad (IJAD Dance Company) for In TRANSIT Festival, London
  • HAND by Rosie Whitney-Fish at Barbican Centre in London
  • Dear Lido by Rosie Whitney-Fish, in Basingstoke, UK
  • The Suffragettes Project by Amandine Limtouch in London
  • …love is in us… by Svetlana Ovsyannikova (OvsyannikovaDance) at South Woodford Library in London
  • Twelve Month On by Nikki Watson (Coda Dance Company), UK
  • Bu U for Cherry Blossom Festival at Alnwick Garden, UK
  • Letter to My Father/ Crush by Apple Yang (Appetite Dance Productions) in Newcastle, UK



  • Yamato-Nadeshiko by Ryota Kodera (RK dance) for Resolution! 2013, London
  • Does My … Do I? by Leda Franklin (Interdigitate) for Resolution! 2013, London
  • Pieces of Mosaic by Elena Jacinta for Resolution! 2013, London
  • Net of Life – Fernando Garbellotto (Dane Film production), choreographed by Lucy Ridley (The People Pile), directed by Andrea Filippo, produced by Raluca Lonescu
  • One week development rehearsal with Silversmith Dance Theatre
  • London 2012 Closing Ceremony
  • Letter to My Father by Apple Yang (Appetite Dance Productions) in Newcastle, UK



Crossroads by Luca Silverstrini for A Greenwich Dance Agency Project in London, UK



MAP Dance Company performance pieces including:

  • Fifteen minutes too long by Ben Duke (Lost Dog)
  • Rumble, Rocks and Hard Knocks by Darren Ellis (RADC&Ramdom)
  • Blossom by Yaara Dolev (Tel Aviv Dance Company)
  • Zola Station by Gregory Maquoma
  • Further Fervour by Rose English

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