Videos and pictures

This page shows some pictures and videos of my dance performances.

Please click on the title of the dance works then it connects to the video links.

Please have a look at my dance activities!!






Title: 混獲 – Bycatch –, Japan

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(Collaboration project with artist, Kumiko Tani and Greenpeace Japan)



Title: Dance at lunch time, Japan by Tomomi Kosano




Title: In the mood for dancing, Japan by Tomomi Kosano




Title: おdollランダムに踊る, Japan by Tomomi Kosano

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Title: Dear Lido

by Rosie-Witney Fish at Basingstoke, UK

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Title: Soda Play (R&D)by Sally Marie, UK



Title: Sonambulas by Justyna Sochaj, UK



Title: Letter to My father/Crush by Apple Yang, UK

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Title: Hidden Fields by dS (danceroom Spectroscopy), UK